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Visuddthi Consultants

Visuddhi Consultants was established as a business partnership on June 24, 1993 by a group of experienced professionals in the development of EPC public utility infrastructure and systems such as water resources, irrigation, agriculture, construction and other development projects. Visuddhi Consultants grew and developed in the public and private sector clients and partners related in both full and partial function in survey, study, planning, and management of government and other projects. The recent years have seen rapid growth in sustainable development, environment related, conservation, as well as voluntary corporate environmental and social responsibility projects, and strategies in ESG.

Visuddhi is made up and supported by an international network of independent experts and institutions, as well as supply and strategic partners, and our wide pool of consultants guarantee that Visuddhi will achieve the best project quality.

In addition, Visuddthi has the best and modern equipment, software and device technology to solve all project management barrier in calculating, analyzing, managing database, and drawing design.

The success of Visuddhi at provides consulting services to companies and various agencies proves that the customers gain the most benefit for their work quality with the best ability of technology transferring as a company registered as a consultant type A (No. 183) with the Fiscal Policy Office Ministry of Finance.

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Visuddhi has a large base staff of experts and consultants, including network partners and specialist consultants, which allow Visuddhi to deliver the best quality following services:
Visuddhi Consultants

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Visuddthi Consultants, Visuddthi Consultants,Visuddthi Consultants,Visuddthi Consultants

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