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Visuddhi Consultants was established as a business partnership on June 24, 1993 by a group of experienced professionals in the development of EPC public utility infrastructure and systems such as water resources, irrigation, agriculture, construction and other development projects. Visuddhi Consultants grew and developed in the public and private sector clients and partners related in both full and partial function in survey, study, planning, and management of government and other projects. The recent years have seen rapid growth in sustainable development, environment related, conservation, as well as voluntary corporate environmental and social responsibility projects, and strategies in ESG. Visuddhi is made up and supported by an international network of independent experts and institutions, as well as supply and strategic partners, and our wide pool of consultants guarantee that Visuddhi will achieve the best project quality. In addition, Visuddthi has the best and modern equipment, software and device technology to solve all project management barrier in calculating, analyzing, managing database, and drawing design. The success of Visuddhi at provides consulting services to companies and various agencies proves that the customers gain the most benefit for their work quality with the best ability of technology transferring as a company registered as a consultant type A (No. 183) with the Fiscal Policy Office Ministry of Finance Our Services Visuddhi has a large base staff of experts and consultants, including network partners and specialist consultants, which allow Visuddhi to deliver the best quality following services: Carbon Neutral and Offsetting Offsetting your carbon emissions and footprint is both benefits for developing local communities in which the projects are located, as well as the fight against global warming and climate change. Offsetting can help you reduce your carbon footprint quickly, while you transition your business to lower emissions at operation level. Carbon Accounting To measure your company’s environmental impacts in value chain, it is recommended to implement an effective system of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting that can quantify in best order your carbon impacts and footprint, even of your supply chain, so that your company and stakeholders and community is continued to be motivated to invest in environmental and social positive products and services. Sustainability reporting We can offer you preparation, support, management, and information to bespoke your reporting of environment, social, and company governance data of your value chain. ● Stakeholder engagement ● ESG data and disclosing ● Indicators for ESG ● Data collation and communication for ESG reporting Sustainability strategy Every company needs a personal management and organization approach to environment, social, and governance in the face of sustainability needs. We can offer you support and guidance, and bespoke consulting to start fresh and lay groundwork for new sustainability plans, or enter into your strategy and strengthen the framework with more precise policies and targets, focus on value for you and your business. Sustainable investments We can support your strategy to build financial products and services based on sound environmental and social projects, data-based and accountable, for your corporate and private investors. More and more investors are looking for certified and environmentally friendly investing vehicles, based on solid ESG data, also providing records and transparency, also depending on the market of costumers and investors, Conservation, Biodiversity, Nature Solutions We have experienced professionals and public & private credential projects from our long experience in the nature-based solutions for conservation, regeneration, and climate change adaptation and climate change mitigation. We can design for you local community or even regional plans to mitigate and adapt, for all ecosystems and habitats. You will find in our scientific and technical network…